For as long as I can remember, I've always enjoyed making things with paper and color. When I was a kid, I created my own line of greeting cards - missymarks (original, huh? :-)). I also loved making things. All sorts of things. From banners and signs for parties, to money for playing bank teller and wallpaper to re-decorate my Barbie dream house, I was always coloring, doodling or cutting paper.

Fast forward to 2019. I’ve done lots of things in my 40-some years. I had a successful marketing/HR communications career. I’ve experimented with lots of different artistic pursuits. In my twenties, I painted all sorts of characters on used beer bottles and sold them in Atlanta area festivals and galleries. In my thirties, I discovered the joy of storytelling and page design of scrapbooking. In my early 40’s, I discovered watercolor. Now I’m taking all of those experiences and channeling them into a new endeavor - a career as an artist. I’ve realized that life is truly too short and too precious to give time to things that don’t bring you joy. And that’s what my art is all about - joy, happiness and light.

I find inspiration in other people’s stories - what brings them happiness, how they maintain a sense of joy in their own life, and what makes people smile. I love working with others and bringing their ideas to fruition, sometimes in ways that neither of us anticipated at the beginning. Have an idea? I’d love to hear about it - let’s make something fun together.

Thanks for stopping by.