Thanks so much for stopping by. I'm a 40-something wife, mother, daughter, sister and and former marketer/HR communications professional. I'm also an artist.

For as long as I can remember, I've always enjoyed making things with paper. When I was a kid, I created my own line of greeting cards - missymarks (original, huh? :-)). I also loved making banners and signs for parties; my own money for playing bank teller with my siblings; and wallpaper for my own version of a Barbie dream house.

In my 20's, I discovered how much fun acrylic paints could be. After an epic New Year's Eve party, instead of disposing of the empty beer bottles, I started painting them! I painted bottles and sold them at local arts and craft fairs and in a few galleries. I successfully sold my art for about a year before I got distracted by other things in life.

In my 30's, I discovered the vast world of scrapbooking and storytelling. I had so much fun playing with the latest supplies and collecting all. of. the. paper!

In my 40's, discovered how much fun watercolors and encaustic painting could be.

No matter how my interests have evolved over time, one thing has always held true – I've always dreamed of being a full-time artist. 

In 2017, my brother died unexpectedly. His passing flipped my world upside down. I felt completely lost. In the early months of mourning, I did what everyone tells you not to do – I made a major life change. Despite the fact that I had a successful career with a stable company, I wasn't really fulfilled by my work. I knew what my dream was and I knew that I needed a change. So I made a change. I quit my job and became my own boss in January of 2018.

This has been the most free-fall, thrilling, terrifying, invigorating and soul-awakening thing I have ever done. More days than not, I wake up scared out of my mind but I find a way to let that fuel me instead of stop me. I'm a self-taught artist which means I'm probably doing a lot of things the wrong way or it takes me longer to do or figure certain things out, but I love it. I love the process of exploring, challenging myself and moving a little bit further outside of my comfort zone every day.

Thanks for stopping by.